You Love Sugar As Much As Cancer?

The cancer cells are found in each body. But fortunately, our immune system, for the most part, can handle them. Until, of course, it no longer does.

In order to avoid complications and to reduce the risk of cancer quite a few busy people to add antioxidants to their diet. But it is a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Now, what the toxins do you think you can put in your body? Some of the avoidable of course are the seed oils, processed foods, alcohol, and worst of all – sugar.

Did you know that only 1tsp of sugar suppresses your cancer cells killer of 7 hours? Think about it – only by drinking a small teaspoon of sugar, making you more susceptible to the growth of the cancer during the next 7 hours!! And to think that most people ingest 17-20 teaspoons of sugar per day on average…

The sugar not only suppresses your immune system. It also feeds the cancer cells. Cancer cells are 40 to 50 times more efficient in the use of the sugar than normal cells. Cancer of the is literature suck up glucose like crazy and thrives on it. In fact, research has shown that a cancer of the formation of polyps in the colon will eat the sugar in a sugary drink (e.g. fruit juice) until the sugar becomes absorbed into the blood stream. In addition, the sugar fed cancer is more resistant to chemo and radio therapy. Conversely, the sugar-deprived cancer requires a much lower dose of chemo and radio therapy.

Now, that is “natural” sugar better? Well, it is the same question “Is poison natural the better as artificial poison?” No, of course not! Poison is poison, no matter how “natural” of its source. Your body does not care where the sugar came. It reacts the same way it reacts to the poison. It is all poison. And instead of taking it and then trying to compensate with expensive (and doubtful), anti-oxidants, it is much better not to take quite. You can save a lot of headaches and may save you from cancer.

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