What Style House, Is The Best For You?

There are many different styles of homes, and people have different tastes, needs, financial capabilities, etc, therefore, before one makes the commitment to purchase a house of his own, which, for most of us, is the purchase of our single, largest, financial asset, has no meaning, in order to better understand and appreciate the differences, including advantages and disadvantages, and other relevant factors? With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review and discuss some of the most – often seen home styles, and discuss, some important factors, in order to better understand, before the start of the house hunting process.

1. Cape Cod: Named after the New England community, which is believed to have originated in this type of house, in most cases, these houses are less expensive to purchase, because, not everyone, feels comfortable, because of some of their inherent characteristics. The traditional Cape Cod home was small, with two bedrooms and a bathroom on the ground floor, and two additional bedrooms upstairs. The rooms on the floor were often recognizable, sloping ceilings, caused by the shaper to the roof line. In most cases, these are relatively small houses, with small rooms. As the needs have changed, many individuals are expanded this style, creating what is known as an Expanded Cape, which is generally achieved, by adding, either to the floor, alone, or in the whole house. In some cases, these houses have been changed, and are no longer recognizable, from the original style, but, in addition, the characteristic of the line of roofing and ceilings at the first floor, exist.

2. Ranch: These houses of call, for those who wish, or need, to live on one floor, and be able, to avoid climbing up and down the stairs. Depending on the area or region, they are built in a variety of sizes, but it is estimated, in particular, in the North-east, in addition, been constructed, have three bedrooms, and a bathroom. Many have been made larger, while remaining the ranch houses, and are called, to expand. Other people, decided to change the configuration, and build,, the addition of a second floor, that their personal needs, to changed.

3. Split level: Split level homes, are often, originally built, due to the content, of the earth, and therefore, it is entered into the entrance hall, walked down the various halls, etc, and upstairs, typically bedrooms, etc, most have been built, such as the four-bedroom, and two bathrooms.

4. Splanch: Splanch the houses are hybrids, between the ranch and the split level homes. Probably, originally constructed to maximize/ increase the interior space, while conforming to the land of restrictions.

5. Colonial: Colonial houses have been traditional, up, and down, design, houses. usually, with a bathroom, living room, dining room, a living room/ family room, on the ground floor, and additional bedrooms and bathroom, on the floor. These are, in most cases, the most popular styles, because they are effective, and to possess a good flow. Center – hall colonials, are those, which have the stairs in the middle, the inputs on the two sides of the front of the house, and are the most in demand

6. Other styles: Some other houses are referred to, Contemporary, or Modern, or some hybrid/ combination of the style above.

In most of the cases. Center hall Colonial, tend to be the most expensive to purchase, and Cape Cod houses, at least. In some districts, the contemporary/ modern, and/ or hybrids, have become the most sought-after.

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