Use Your Learning Style to Develop Your Texas Holdem Poker Skills

If you are just learning how to play Texas Holdem Poker or are an experienced veteran on the poker tables, learning and/or improve your poker skills is an ongoing process. This learning process will be easier and more effective if you know and understand your learning style. Your learning style involves the natural process by which you can easily acquire and then remember new information and knowledge. Research in education has identified three major Learning Styles. They are Auditory, Visual and Tactile, sometimes called the Kinesthetic.

The name of each Learning Style pretty much defines the Learning Style. The Auditory Learning Style refers to hearing and Listening. The Visual Learning Style involves the eyes through seeing and visualization. The Tactile or Kinesthetic, Learning Style involves touching and feeling. As you can see, each of these Learning Styles implies that at least one of the five senses, Hearing, sight, Touch, Smell, and taste. Early learning in infants is wholly sensory, the baby is bombarded by sensual stimuli. The baby sensory receptors collect this sensory date in huge amounts development of a complex system of neural pathways that carry information to the brain. First the Taste and Smell plays a very important role in baby learning. Baby’s first learning is through hearing, smell and see as she does her relationship with her mother. Taste allows baby to make his first real choice in accepting or rejecting the food. The taste and Smell continue to play an important role in learning throughout life-long learning, mainly through the pleasure and the avoidance. Pleasant to smell and taste elements must be sought after any foul-smelling or tasting items are to be avoided. Sight, Hearing and Touch are the basis of the acquisition of the majority of the increase in the level of learning that occurs throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Individuals develop a preference for sensory acquisition and remembering of new information, which then determines their Learning Style.

Auditory Learners learn best by hearing and listening. They understand and remember things they have heard. Visual Learners learn by reading and viewing images. They understand and remember things by sight. The Tactile Learner learns and remembers best when their learning process is to touch and do, where physical activity is a part of the learning process. These Learning Styles come into play in any situation where new knowledge or skills are being introduced.

For the beginning poker player, the learning curve is much greater than that for the poker player. The beginning poker player is to be introduced to a new vocabulary, new processes, and new problem-solving skills. The experienced player is to build on previously acquired knowledge and skills. These two groups of poker players have the best chance of assimilating their new knowledge if they use the learning process that best suits their natural systems for the acquisition and retention of knowledge. As each individual accumulates new knowledge and new skills that they develop a sensory preference for the collection and maintenance of sensory data. This preference of Learning Style.

In part 2 of this article, we will explore the Auditory Learning Style to determine what the person who is an Auditory Learner can do to ensure the optimal success of their learning experiences. We will examine the process that will be most effective and the types of learning materials needed to accomplish their learning tasks with the best chance of success.

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