This is Not Very Difficult to Keep Your Discus Fish alive by Following a Simple Routine

It is a common perception that discus fish is very difficult to keep in your home aquarium. This is just a half-truth. Many fish-keepers full do not have any experience in keeping fish of this kind will always say about their failures and blame the discus fish. However, if you have experience in fish keeping, if you are willing to take some extra efforts, you will see no difficulties in keeping them.

Here are the things that you must follow if you want to keep your discus fish alive and healthy –

1. The quality of the water in your aquarium is of primary importance to the health of the discus fish. The poor quality of water always results in the sickness and death of discus fish. You must always remember that the fish is native to Brazil. The waters of this country are generally soft and acidic. So you must try to reproduce the same quality of the water in your aquarium.

2. The size of your aquarium is very important. If you want to keep a large amount of water, it is easy to manage because the conditions of water will not change often. However, if you want to keep the fish in a small aquarium, you need to be very careful in the preservation of the quality of the water.

3. You need to understand the nitrogen cycle. This is very important to keep the fish in the aquarium. If you are not aware of what this means and how to maintain it, you better understand it by making search on the Internet and talking with the local pet shop. If you are not ready to run the nitrogen cycle regularly, it is better to reconsider about your plants to keep the discus fish.

4. The high content of ammonia or nitrites in the aquarium water will be harmful for the discus fish. The fish can only survive with the minimum content of these toxic chemicals in the water. To keep the water perfectly clean and free of all the harmful effects of this content, you need to clean the bottom of the tank almost every two days to remove the particles from the un-eaten food from there. These particles will produce ammonia which will be lethal to the fish.

5. The ph level of the water of the aquarium must be maintained within a specific range. The recommended level for discus fish is 5.5 to 7.0. If there is no variation in this level, discus fish will not be able to tolerate. If you live in an area where the water hardness is very high, you need to make efforts to keep it under control for your aquarium. You can install a reverse osmosis filter which will disinfect the water and also keep the ph levels very low.

6. You should have enough knowledge on the diet of the discus fish. If you have adults, you should feed them at least two to three times per day. However, the quantity should never exceed their requirements. The excessive food will accumulate at the bottom of the aquarium and it will start to the contamination of the water quickly.

7. The periodic variations of the water of the aquarium should be done. Never change all the water at once. You should change approximately 25 percent of the water each time.

All things are simple to understand and follow. If you establish a routine for taking care of all these things and follow it strictly, you will be able to enjoy the company of discus fish for a long period of time.

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