The Hamster of the Information, the Facts and the Myths

Do you have a pet at home? Well, if you haven’t got one, among the best choices is the hamster. Hamsters can have different types. The larger species are the Syrian hamsters and the smaller ones are called hamsters dwarf. Before you choose a pet from a breeder or a local or a pet store, make sure you gather enough information on hamsters. This way, you will know how to take care of it properly. There are facts and myths you need to know before you have a hamster as a pet; read on to find out.

The Facts

Hamsters, dwarfs are really cute and interesting. Did you know that you can manipulate the sex of the babies while the mother is still pregnant? If you prefer male hamsters, you will need to provide warmer temperatures, but if you want to have more females, cooler temperatures are needed.

Hamsters can be trained to recognize their names and they also remember their parents! Now, this is really interesting, because hamsters are animals and most animals do not have this ability. You can extend the life span of dwarf hamsters for about four years, if you keep in good health and happy.

A way to prolong the breeding season for the year as a whole is to provide light for 8 hours a day or more. These creatures reproduce from April and will continue until September, but you can encourage the reproduction to provide the right amount of light. Never breed female hamsters until they have reached four months. At the beginning of breeding could lead to an act of cannibalism or the female is not going to be responsible enough to take care of the babies.

Cannibalism can be a problem especially if the breeder keeps them on the handling of the babies. You will feel comfortable once the babies are over a week because the mother will no longer eat them.

There is a continuous growth of the hamster and teeth by providing chew toys you can reduce their need to chew. If you notice the chewing on the cage, you can give them dog biscuits. Another problem is with the toe nails. By doing this, the nails of the hamster will be revised downward as she runs for miles and miles.

The Myths

A very common myth is that an animal in a cage, which usually comes from the pet store will already be a good home for your pet. This is not true because hamsters require a lot more space. In fact, the larger the cage, the better it is.

Mother hamsters eat their young. This is not true, and even if there are cases of eaten babies this only happens when the farmer continues to hold the babies while they are still very young.

These are the facts and myths you need to know. With this info in your hands, you can now take care of your pet.

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