The benefits of Pro-Style Kettlebells

One of the most common questions I hear regarding kettlebells is, what is the advantage of the competition/pro style kettlebells on the standard of kettlebells? The answer is simple, consistency. With the competition/pro style kettlebells, you will be able to maintain the same shape, each time you use them. It is true if you are using a 8kg or a 32kg kettlebell. With the standard kettlebells every size kettlebell has a different dimension. What is the handle diameter, the dimension between the handle and the bell, or the bell size, it will always differ with the standard kettlebells. It does not stand out like that with the competition/pro style kettlebells.

The manufacturing process of the pro style kettlebells allows us to produce a kettlebell of the same size on each bell regardless of the size. This means that the handles will always be the same diameter, the dimension between the bell and the handle will always be the same, and the size of the bell with never fluctuate. This will allow you to always, at every movement, to keep the same shape and feel regardless of the weight. It is a very big advantage compared to the standard kettlebells.

Another benefit of the competition/pro style kettlebells is the weight tolerance. On a competition/pro style kettlebell the weight tolerance is typically +/-.3%. It is true, less than one-half of one percent. This means that even on a 32kg kettlebell your weight might fluctuate on. 2 lbs(3.2 oz.). Again, that will only help to create more coherence in the elevator, and the traffic on all of your training sessions.

The competition/pro style kettlebells are also 100% steel construction. This differs from the standard kettlebells which are usually solid cast iron. Because steel is stronger than cast iron, this will generally create a higher quality kettlebell that is resistant to more violence.

Think in terms of bumper plates Olympic lifters use. Each plate bumper is the same diameter. Why is this important? Again the answer is simple, it is consistency. If you are doing Olympic movements like a clean for example, and the 10lb plates of a different diameter of the 45lb plates, when you do a 65lb clean, you start out in a completely different position than if you were doing a 135lb clean. If you cannot have consistency with those plates, you’ll never have consistently. The more consistent your form, the safer and the easier it will be to move up in weight. Why would you want it to be otherwise when you do kettlebell work? You would not have!

So why people use standard kettlebells instead of competition, if there are so many benefits to the competition kettlebells? Well, one of the main drawbacks of competition kettlebells is the price. They are, because of the quality, the more expensive than a kettlebell. This means that you have to weigh your options, what is more important, the coherence and the quality, or the money in your wallet? Christian’s fitness factory, we have our own range of competition kettlebells at very competitive prices.

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