Take Care of Your Pet Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are great because they are so easy to manipulate. This is a great low-maintenance pet, and that is the reason why they are so wonderful.

Your Leo Home

The best place to keep your leo is in an aquarium. Get at least 10 gallons, but your leo will always enjoy more. If you plan to get a few leos, definitely get a bigger aquarium.

Your gecko’s aquarium needs a comfortable little hideaway. During the day, the leopard gecko in the wild hide themselves in holes under the rocks to stay cool. This is also where they will make their moult.

Make sure that you also have a bit of wood, stones and other fun things to run on. You will need heat and lighting.

Aquarium Temperature

For a good leo aquarium, you need a hot zone and a zone which is cool. There are several ways to do it. You can get an undertank heating pad or a projector to provide heat and light. Hot rocks are not recommended because they can burn.

The hot part should be around 90 degrees, and the cool part should be about 70. Make sure you keep a simple thermometer in the cage to monitor the temperature.

Your Cage Substrate

For those who have never had pet lizards, the substrate is the substance of the aquarium to the floor. You can use paper towels, logs, flat rocks, turf, or tiles. You can also use sand, but sometimes, the geckos eat the sand and have stomach problems. Their natural environment is rocky desert, not of sand dunes.

The Power Of Your Leo

The leopard gecko as insects. And they like them, squirming, jumping and trying to get out! The power of your leo can be a lot of fun. They eat crickets and mealworms. You can throw a few others into a feast, or “pinkies” (baby mice).

You also have to feed them vitamins. They can’t live without their supplements of nutrients. Most people buy calcium and reptile multivitamin powder from the pet shop, but you can also gut-load the bugs that you give them.

Your New Companion

The leopard gecko tends to be a little shy at first. Give them time to get used to you. These lizards are gentle and docile, and they make good companions. Leos can live up to 20 years! Take good care of him, and he will love you for life!

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