How Should You Hang Tiffany Style Hanging Lamps?

This brightly colored, whimsical style has stood the test of time. Hanging lamps have become a mainstay because they are versatile. You can use them in situations where you can’t use a floor standing or table top tower.

This is because the lampshade itself makes for a more relaxing, calming effect owing to the semi-transparency of the multicolored glass. They are also very easy to tie into most any sort of décor, and fit well with many different themes. Making use of one in your home is also easy, and can add a touch of flair and creativity to the look of your room.

Hanging lamps are suspended from the center of a region. For example, if you are installing a lamp that hangs over a kitchen island, it would be located on the ceiling, centered by the measurements of the island in the table below. Determine the right height for hanging lamps is fairly easy as well. Each hanging lamp should be hung roughly 28-34 inches above the surface below, in the case of suspension above a table, a counter or an island. From the base of the lampshade to the table, ensure that the distance is in that measurement.

It is simply a rule of thumb, if. Other factors that may influence how high to hang a lamp will depend on the size of the lamp relative to the size of the table. Working with square tables, it is easy to center the lamp, measure the distance and hang your lamp appropriately. However, with things like a rectangular table where you would need more than one lamp, or a small table you might consider hanging the lamp a little lower. This creates a more calming effect, but only when the brightness of the bulb is not overbearing. For dining tables, lamps can be placed over the top, but not so high as to create a humorous effect on the space.

With Tiffany style hanging lamps, sometimes it is better to take a step back. Have someone with you hold the lamp to the height that you are considering. Move around the room as if you are just getting and pay attention to which height looks best for your space. This perception will allow you to hang the lamp at a distance that looks best for the room and its furnishings. If you do not feel that you have a good idea on how high to hang the lamp, yourself, that other person the one who enters the room to look at the different heights. Although there are general guidelines to Tiffany style hanging lamps, this is usually the best way to determine the height.

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