Camels As Pets – A Good Idea Or Not?

Thousands of year camels have been domesticated and used in many aspects of our human lives. Although camels are still used around the world as modes of transport, milk production, transport of goods, etc… they have also won their way into our lives as pets.

Usually, when I talk with someone about camels, the first thing they say is “don’t spit?” Well, yes, I’ve been told. After years of being around dozens of camels, I’ve still never seen a spit or spitting on a camel. This is not to say that they can’t, but most of the camels in the united States were born in the united states and many have been bottle raised, and so make good companions.

A few things to consider when you think of a camel as a pet. The size… of the Camels get very large. It is not unusual for an adult male camel to stand more than 8 feet high. You must use the same caution that you would when being around all the big animals such as horse, cow or donkey.

You might ask, what do you feed a camel? As well, the camels have been built to survive in the harsh climate of the deserts. As well, their bodies are adapted to the consumption of low-quality herbs. The camels need to be fed with good quality grass hay, careful to avoid some hays that are very rich in nutrients, which can lead to weight problems.

Camels can also be used for the pleasure of riding. When training is started at a relatively young age, the training of a camel to lead, cush, and the ride is pretty easy. The most difficult thing in regards to the camel is to find a good fit camel saddle in the united States.

Of our days, camels have become more common in the united States than you might think. In some states camels are considered as exotic animal and will fall under their exotic animal regulations. If you plan to add a camel to your family, make sure and check your local laws regarding exotic animals and camels.

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